Tan Aydinlatma ® Company has taken place in the illumination sector in 2003 by producing lighting products for parks, gardens, urban areas, hotels and holiday villages with a manufacturing experience and know-how of metal casting industry that coming from the past, since 1978. Our goal is to produce products that represent visual aesthetics, functionality, environmentally compatible, original design and top quality. Our product range is 100% domestically manufactured and its consist of LED, indirect, high and classic lighting poles, grass type and set-top luminaires, outdoor sitting groups, fountains, bollards and garbage buckets. Our company has been acquired with the ISO 9001, TSE and CE quality standards. With a total quality management mentality at mind, our company makes investment in R&D processes, personnel trainings and customer satisfaction processes. We also work with professional suppliers to increase the total quality of our products and services that we provide to our valued customers.

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